I'm thinking of dropping out of college?

I feel that it's a waste of time and I really don't want to be in so much debt. To be honest I don't think that I was made more this. Much of their subjects are outdated, I really don't have much friends, and I'm doing horrendous in every one of my classes. I do have a plan though. It's just that the workload is so massive I can't pursue that plan, that dream that I have and of I go home, my parents will try to break my dreams into a million peices because they don't believe in my dream. It's hard. Any advice?


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  • Technically, you don't have a reasonable plan because you just made an excuse of how your plan may not work. What's Plan B? Can you switch college majors? Are you able to get a job? Can you crash at a relative's place? What are your goals?

  • College is not a necessity and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in the stone ages. If you have a plan, something you want to do, a dream that you want to try and make reality, drop out of college and go for it. If your parents love you they will accept it and support you.