Is he pure evil?

This guy knows I have a complex about the University I go to

He was still teasing me about it and comparing it with his own, sort of like teasing but laughing.

I couldn't tell if he was insulting me or just being funny or if he likes me and this is some weird way to get my attention.


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  • I don't think he was insulting you or something, I think he just likes to keep teasing you and take fun out of it. That's not right either.

    • So it's not flirty

    • It could be because teasing is also a sign of being flirty, does he touch you while he teases? if so then yes I would say he is flirting.

    • No he doesn't

  • Pure evil? The hell is wrong with you? He is just making conversation, and teasing... having fun like normal people


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