If you dont have a good voice and your dream is to sing, are you able to fix your voice? Or for some people's voice doesn't fix?


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  • Vocal lessons, learn proper technique, and practice practice practice! And realize that your voice is unique... Not an excuse to sing off pitch, but listen to Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin if you want some inspiration. Both HUGELY famous, but probably not what would be considered "angelic" voices, haha

    • Its really helpful! I know many other singers andfamily friends that they didn't have voice but they learned how to sing. But many of my family members, dont think that my voice can be fixed but i still believe that if i can do my best i think that i will succeed! I will keep trying of course! I dont give up easily, thank you again!

    • Never give up on your dreams. Super successful people RARELY had it easy and usually aren't "naturals". It takes lots of work and practice, the more people that tell you you can't do something the more you should prove them wrong (and laugh at them later)

    • No i will never give up, but sometimes to tell you the truth i am thinking of giving up.. but its ''something'' out there that it just doesn't let me give up. But you know i live in Greece, its super hard to become a singer and i know that its my dream and always it will be. But my priority right now is to prove them wrong! And then i will try my best to achieve my goal!

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  • try singing lessons :)

    • Yes i am thinking about it! :D


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  • I know that it does get better, the more u practice the correct way.

    • Okay, thank you i will keep trying! :)

  • Singing lessons can improve a persons singing ability by a lot! Just make sure the teacher knows what they are doing! But for me personally I can tell if someone has a natural born talent, or has learned how to sing.
    Either way is fine just know that singing lessons are hard sometimes haha!

    • Thank you, yea i really wish i had a talent but i dont. And i dont know why i like music THAT much. Anyway thank you it really helps :D