Is it possible for a "natural looking " girl to find a guy these days?

Do you think its possible to find a guy that likes the all natural look or is it impossible since everyone uses makeup these days , waxes / shave, have extensions and Just in general are high maintence hence creating todays standats for beauty?

Im pretty much a 100 % natural when it comes to my looks, the only thing that isn't a 100 % real is my hair color (a bit lighter than my natural color ). Other than that I only wear makeup if there vis a birthday party or of something special is happening..

I prefer being like this, and I dont think I need makeup. . I look what I look like and if people can't accept that thats their problem.

But what I consider attractive and what most people find attractive are almost a the oposit side of the scale in a way.. so sometimes I worry I won't be able find a guy because ut seems like most guys want girls that puts more effort into their look.

The only effort I make when it comes to my looks is working out, eating healthy, doing my hair Sometimes ans was my face


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  • most girls who wear a lot of make up really look like crap when the makeup comes off. a naturally pretty girl who wears a lot of make up, looks noticeably ugly once the make up comes off. whereas if the same pretty girl never wore makeup, she stays pretty.

    • Im not necessarly talking about a lot of make up.. im talking about everything from a bit of powder and mascara to more heavy makeup.. I know a lot if guys say they like the natural look, but what they really like is natural looking makeup. . So they still want makeup...

    • you make a good point because i'm no expert in make up, understandably. but when i see a girl with heavy heavy makeup, especially around the eyes, i know exactly what she'll look like when that stuff they put all over their eyes comes off -TIRED and ZOMBIE-LIKE.

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  • Yes it is!


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  • I love natural.
    Aside from shaving your legs and armpits (and trimming/shaving down there).
    I think lots of makeup is a turn OFF.
    No makeup and nothing too fancy with your hair = WINNER!

    • Im not necessarly talking about a lot of make up. . But I know a lot of guys say they want the natural look, but they only say it because they dont know any better and dont realise that girls are in fact using makeup. . Just not a lot of it... when I say natural looking I mean no makeup at all

    • Well I guess it's hard to say for certain one way or another without seeing the person in question, but I stick by my answer that less is better. A little makeup is nice, sure, but natural can be just as good. I like the idea of waking up and seeing the same face that I'm used to seeing. Nothing quite like the shock of seeing a girl who wears a moderate or heavy amount of makeup WITHOUT makeup, it's like a completely different person! haha

  • I grew up around women with dreads and Afros so I love natural looks. I'm not big on makeup on a woman so natural look is the real beautiful of a person


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  • I met my boyfriend when I was 100% natural. No hair highlights. No makeup. I just exercise and stay in good shape and be myself. He fell for me and here we are. You are fine, no need for dumb extensions and waxing ain't nobody got money for that

  • Just as you have your preferences, other girls and guys have their preferences. You'll find someone. It takes different times for everyone.