What should my next mytake be on?

After almost 3 weeks since writing a non work related mytake, I thought I would start coming up with new ideas since the official start to the holiday season for me starts October 31st. I need some new Ideas. I'm considering doing a Thanksgiving mytake, Another shopping/gift mytake, Christmas treats mytake, gingerbread house mytake. What y'all think?

  • Thanksgiving ideas
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  • Holiday treats
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  • Gift ideas
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  • Gingerbread houses
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  • other
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  • Just do all 4!
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@Vishna @justbanannaz @QuestionMan @Paris13 @Ashely_princess @Phoenix98 @Ginnyweasley and everyone else what are some things you would like to see?
I am also considering doing a top 10 favorite Christmas/Holiday songs mytake. Would you all like to see that as well?


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  • I Voted "Thanksgiving," @smahala1991 I have seen many of your Delicious food takes on Here, dear, and No fear, I am quite sure with Thanksgiving around the corner, you would Do a Beautiful Take of All the Tom Turkey and His Tantalizing trimmings.
    Thank you for asking for my opinion. Always glad to lend a helping hand.
    Good luck. xx

  • Thanksgiving ideas and gift ideas would be especially great. But I voted F because I like all of your helpful MyTakes.

  • Either Thanksgiving or holiday treats! Those are your specialities. :)

  • Holiday treats would be nice!

  • Gift ideas. I'm the worst when giving stuff to people

  • Holiday treats would be nice and it is the season or at least close enough. I always celebrate prematurely.

    • I consider October 31st the official start day of the Holiday season. You do have to consider Halloween since it is one of the biggest non federal/non religious holidays we do celebrate. I used to say it started Thanksgiving but I realized how much Halloween is a big deal similar to Christmas in a way.

  • Holiday treats! :D

    • it's only 55 days till Christmas but who's counting lol. The season to me starts After Halloween lol

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