Whats your ultimate day to yourself?

Ill tell you what i like to do. i go to the chiropractor, then i get a massage, then i go eat sushi and finaly i go get a hair cut at the barber and get a hot knife shave. i haven't done this in a while but i think im gonna do it Saturday. from start to finish this can take five to six hours lol.

sorry i meant day you actually give yourself lol.


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  • well where do i start, I would like a day like this
    -hop on my motorcycle and go cruising up to Arthur's seat and chill out over looking the view
    -stop in a cafe/bar and grab something to eat
    -ride back home and take my car to the archery club
    -string up some horseback bows of mine and that recurve of mine and have a few shots
    -get back home
    -spend time with my rabbit and take my dog for a walk in the sunshine
    -come back home to a peaceful home/kitchen and cook something yummy for dinner, while having a coffee and music in my ears


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  • I would go skydiving and then have sex with my crush. Then I'd watch the new Star Wars before it came out.

    None of thise things are likely to happen.

    • i mean realistic day that you actually do.

    • Well I have a car and I'm in college and I'm 18, but when I have days to myself, I usually just sit around and watch movies.

      Sometimes I'll go driving around, bowling, the occasional acid flashback... ya know.


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  • usually when i have a day to myself I stay in my comfy clothes all day, I'm a bit of a gamer so I immerse myself in a game for a while. Sometimes I'll browse Pinterest and come up with an interesting dinner or a few good sounding snacks or sides to experiment with and cook them.

  • My ultimate day to myself is to watch some programme or movies back to back all day curled up quietly on the sofa and eating whatever I feel like. No cooking. No cleaning. Maybe a drink or two that evening. Throw in some pampering treatments then finally a hot soapy bath surrounded by candles and music before bed :) I never get to do that

  • a day that involves a concert\stand up comedy and meeting new friends

  • Go watch a movie with the sibling, walk around, or go to a park, / go eat sushi.



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