How to act like being involved in paranormal activities?

I'm 20 year old male. I've been doing engineering lately I stay at hostel much away from my home. Ok so let's talk about myself. I used to be kinda involved in the fights which injured others in a real destructive way. I used to be bit pampered by my parents until my younger brother was born. Of course now I behave like other normal adults but I don't feel like I'm normal as I've been engaged in the many verbal and emotional fights which lasts forever. I would rather say that I make a honest or rather evil enemy as I'm not able to be good to one's whom I hate. Since childhood I was not able to be friends with any one for more than couple of weeks. As I end up like a selfish and destructive thoughts even for my friends like they should not be successful or they should be involved in the accidents (i know people might be thinking me as a psychic) but really i can't help. I actually act normal but in my mind I feel like real evil. I don't like to talk to people while I see them , I prefer ignoring them and moving away even if they are good to me. I hate to meet people and like to stay alone at my room. Even to my parents I'm not much of a frank. I don't have any girlfriend hence I end up being pervert. I bet I don't like even when nice people approaches me. And obviously I hate approaching anyone. I just don't trust anyone. I just feel like people are meant to harm me and humiliate me. Sometimes I feel like an old soul,(also seen on net that it is the sign of being reincarnation). Perhaps I don't think I believe that too much. I feel more happier when I'm always involved with myself and do my work. I really feel need of getting obsessed with the paranormal event and don't believe in ghosts but would like to learn more alone. See? So I just feel good alone nothing like depression, but sometimes i feel like some random inmaginary soul is looking upon me and i really believe in it. I'm labeled as an INTROVERT by my friend but I'm really proud to be one. My dad hates it when i call myself introverted and forces me to be an extrovert. As the persons root behavior cannot be changed by anyone... He can't do much for it. I just like to imagine that I have some imaginary creepy freind who is trustworthy. Is it normal behavior? And this is 100% true as its been observed by many people?


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