What are your experiences with fortune tellers, mediums etc. Would you recommend going to one?

Have you ever gone to one? I'm Catholic so I think the fear of himself has been put into me over them. There are some churches that make you sign a form that you will never go to one. I'm actually scared at this point but has anything bad ever happened after you've gone to one?


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  • There's a saying.
    We only ask questions that we only know the answer to.

    (Inb4 overly literal police -no)


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  • I've been to a few and no, nothing bad has eve happened afterwards.

    I've also done some tarot readings for some people and nothing bad has ever happened to them. why would it?

  • How ironic I knew two people who were Catholic and back in the 70s they would go to mediums all the time they told me Catholics condoned that kind of thing.

    Yes it's really evil and you should stay away from it. What you are doing in that situation is opening the door for unclean spirits to demonize you. King Saul of Israel was condemned to die by God after he consulted a medium, the Witch of Endor. He had sinned continuously in the past but that was the final straw for God.

  • That shit is fake, and a waste of time and money. Don't get your panties in a knot thinking about it.


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