Why is it socially acceptable (at least in American culture) to circumcise boys but circumcision of girls is seen as a horrific act?


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  • I always wondered that too. Once, I was watching America's Next Top Model (back when I thought it was cool) and there was a model named Fatima from somewhere in Africa in it, who was circumcised. It was quite painful to hear her talk about it.

    • Both are just genital mutilation usually done on children with no say in the matter. I just think it is strange that in a "civilized" culture it is okay to cut part of a dick off but not a vulva.

    • It is I agree. But what can you do? At least here in the US, it's only for males. They don't have it as bad as women in the future.

    • A fair point, it is not as important to me as other issues, and at least we are moving in the right direction with some of them.

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  • Well, I've actually been sort of preaching on GaG how insane circumcision for boys (and of course for girls) is for quite a while... unfortunately to no avail. Male circumcision is very much a North American thing. Nobody does it in Europe (unless you're a Jew). We think it's rather weird and stupid to circumcise anyone. I don't just think it's stupid, I think it's absolutely crazy. The foreskin of the penis isn't just some "leftover tissue" that mother nature didn't know what to do with (like you're making cookies and end up having some leftover dough). It serves a biological purpose. That is why it's there. Cutting it away is in my opinion ignorant and asinine. And concerning this cleanliness-argument: I don't think it's a fair argument. I think it's an absolutely idiotic argument. Seriously, how hard can it be to pull back your foreskin and wash the penis like this when you take a shower. You don't even need soap for this, water is enough. We're not talking about a surgery on the open heart, we're talking about taking your thumb and index finger and pulling back your foreskin. Even a mentally handicapped person can do that. It's really not magic. So no, I don't think it's an intelligent argument to say "well some guys might be too dumb to pull back their foreskin during shower, so let's just chop it off". Also, STDs have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this. STDs such as Aids are transmitted by viruses or bacteria, which are found in bodily fluids such as blood or saliva or, in some cases, cum. If you have sex with a person who has sex and you don't take the right precautions, you will get it yourself, regardless of whether you're circumcised or not. It makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. In fact, when you look at the HIV rate on a worldwide scale, you will see that the US has a higher number of HIV-cases than Europe and a significantly higher number than East Asia. Both in Europe and East Asia, neither male nor female circumcision is practiced.

    • You make some rally good points Penn and Teller did a full episode of Bullshit about it you may want to look up if you have not seen it. As far as cleaning it goes yeah, most people in areas that do the procedure do have clean water and are able to take showers regularly.

      I do have to disagree with you on the STD front though. yes all STDs are bloodborne and transmitted through bodily fluids. But even my minor studies of pathology tell me that other factors are involved too, like amount of contact with infected fluids and time in contact with it. I totally agree that in north america none of that makes much of a difference. But in some areas in Africa where you are lucky to meet one person in eight without AIDS and even less that have clean water it may make a difference. Especially when you have groups like the catholic church teaching them how condoms are a horrible thing.

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    • sex with an infected person does not mean a 100% chance of infection. I don't have the statistics off the top of my head but sex with an infected person and then having infected bodily secretions sitting near an orifice for an extended period of time will increase the chances of that person becoming infected. Don't get me wrong it is not justification for cutting a kids dick open but it is the one situation I could think of where there might be a light benefit to it.

      From my understanding it started as a religious thing to stop guys from masturbating witch is pretty fucked up in itself.

    • Yes, I agree, the religions reasons is particularly fucked up. But about the STDs: what I'm saying is that if you have sex with a person who has an STD, the virus has to find its way into your body somehow. If you don't have any open wounds, this already becomes much harder. I guess it would be possible to get sick by getting the girl's cum (with the virus) into the little whole at the tip of the penis and from there further inside your body. However, if that will happen, it will happen anyway. Her cum with the virus won't just sit under your foreskin for a few days and then suddenly get in there. And the virus can't just penetrate the skin as far as I know. So even if you have this virus sitting under your foreskin but you haven't gotten infected yet, it won't make a big difference. Sooner or later, the virus will die off (probably in a matter of hours) and you'll not be at a bigger risk than somebody who doesn't have a foreskin.

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  • It a superifical thing they do!!! Its to make it more pleasant.

    • how does that make anything more pleasant? and who is it making it more pleasant for?

    • I don't know its a social thing... It social thing!!!

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  • Well it's not as bad for guys as it is for women to my knowledge of how it's done for them anyway. And I don't really know what benefits if any it has for women, for men though it's a proven fact that it does provide some benefits health and cleanliness wise. I mean I'm circumcised and I don't see the big deal honestly besides it being somewhat more cleaner and losing some nerves, there really isn't that big of a difference.

    • That is a fair point. I know it can actually help prevent the spread of some STDs including HIV but this is a part of the world were clean water and soap are not hard to come by so hygiene should not be an issue. I also had my skin cut off when I was a baby as have a large portion of the population. I don't really know anyone who can compare sensitivity from before and after the operation. But I can say that a lot of condoms are designed to mimic still having the skin in place.

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    • Being in the medical field myself I can say that just because a doctor said it does not make it true. Sure I think most doctors are trying to help the best they can but a "solution" is not necessarily a solution. Not like anything is going to change talking on the internet like this...

    • O what do you do in the medical field if you don't mind me asking? and it's my family doctor who is also a friend so we trust him but I can see your point, yes that is true, but I've also done my own research into the matter to, and of course not it's all theorizing and talk until well it's not.

  • Because circumcising boys doesn't prevent them from having normal sexual relations, whereas DEPENDING ON THE TYPE of female circumcision, it can render them unable to enjoy sex, and have potentially fatal problems during childbirth.

    There is a very large difference between the two things. Now, if male circumcision involved penile amputation - that would be the same thing.

  • Because males in particular are viewed as sacrificial trash.

  • Circumcision has deep religious roots, but it also is cleaner than uncircumcised. There is no need to circumcise women however, female circumcision removes the labia and clitoris which effectively removes all pleasure they get from sex. There's no religious reason or hygienic reason for it either so basically it's a torture for women to be cut like that.