Why does my brother talk to himself when he's mad?

my sister accidentally spilled his drink and he spazzed the fuck out screaming and attacking her

when we grabbed him he was so mad he layed down and started weasing... my mom yelled at him about hitting girls and he didn't care...

while he was cooling off i heard him say

"dead... all dead... all of you"
the rest was mumbling he's been doing this for the past 2 years
and he's crazy.. i hear him talk to himself about 3 days ago he said

"why me"

no idea what that meant i keep my distance from him when he's mad, even though im older, bigger than him he's weird...


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  • You might want to talk to him this sounds like some Columbine shit

    • when he's not mad he's kinda
      playful like any little kid i just want to know what in his mind explodes when he gets mad?

    • It's hard to say it could just be kids having emotional changes but you'd need to see a psychiatrist to be sure.

    • he's had a therapist no idea what they talked about

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