Do bartenders tip themselves in your city?

some clubs I go to, the drink is 7 dollars, I give a 20 and, I get 8 bucks back. There is no arguing with them because they just act dumb. Is this illegal?


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  • Wow that's rude. They should give you 13 dollars back unless you say "It's alright, just give me x dollars back, the rest is for you!!". It has never happened to me. But seriously that's not okay. You should say something if that happens again


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  • I'd stop going to a place like that.


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  • I've never heard of that happening with bartenders in particular before, but then again I don't know what the hell goes on in nightclubs, lol. There are restaurants that automatically tack on a gratuity (usually 15 or 20% of the subtotal) to the bill and that acts as a tip to the server. So what they're doing sounds similar to the gratuity system present in many restaurants and bars. It's not illegal since private establishments can do whatever they want when it comes to tips/gratuities. It just sucks because the tip amount is the same across the board in these places - so shitty servers/bartenders are getting the same amount as the good ones.

    • no no, not every bartender at that bar does it. The old white gentlemen doesn't do it, Its the young pretty girls/guys that do it. There is no tab.

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    • yea, I get the gratuity system. I've only experienced that way of tipping at hooters. Do they do that a lot where you live?

    • Only at some places that I try to never go to, lol. Most places that I've been to here allow the customer to have control over the tips. My husband has worked as a bartender for 5 years and the amount of tips he gets has always been determined by the customer, not him or his manager.

  • im a barmaid and i wouldn't think about doing that neither should you let them get away with it technically thats steeling! they could get sacked for that! dont let them do that nest time!


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  • They can't do that, if the owner caught them they would be fired.