True or not true?

Might sound like a silly question, but when you ask a magic 8 ball a question, does it give true answers? And you know how zodiac signs have compatibility things? Are they true or could an Aries be with a Capricorn even when they aren't compatible?


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  • I think the 8 ball is just for fun. And sometimes it can randomly be true. The zodiac sign thing is true sometimes and is not always accurate. It depends on the day a person is born and what house and moon etc. Some signs who are not compatible could be depending on a lot of things.


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  • I have Had a 'Magic 8 ball' @briannaw421 and it was fun asking millions of Questions. However, it was just a slew of Answers that was just by Chance and never really anything that you could take As... true answers.
    However, I do believe in the zodiac signs and being a Gemini, who is very unique, I am pretty compatible with many signs of the times. But it's the Other guy who has to Meet my standards for we are straight shooters and no monkey business.
    Getting back to Things of this nature, the Ouija board is One game you do not want to ever mess with.
    Good luck. xx


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