There's a contest where you can win millions of dollars in cash and jewels. You have to just jump down in 1 of these pits. Which one would u?

Pick? You will be pulled back out of the pit once you've got the money. You have to also do it naked.

Pit 1 has bunch of rabid viciously aggressive honey badgers in it.

Pit 2 has shallow water filled with a bunch of Conus textiles in it

Pit 3 Has a bunch of aggravated African honey bees and black mambas in it.

Which one would you choose?


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  • None. Why would I risk dying (probably dying) Over living life the way I am now

    • But you'll be pulled out once you got the money.

    • Money is not that important. I would definitely die

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  • This js the most absurd question ever. Surely the whole point of being rich is so you don't have to do any of that shit.


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