Why do I cry about weird stuff?

I dont cry all the time, but when I do cry its about weird stuff. Yesterday, I went to a complete stranger's funeral with my friend and I cried so much you'd think I was related to the dead man in some way. I seriously cried through the entire thing and I could hardly breath out of my nose because of all the snot. Also, we were doing this acting thing in class where we had to think of a sad situation and cry. I didn't even cry until I saw other people start to cry.


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  • Death is sad, you know... whether it's someone you know or don't, the passing of a person is always full of grief. In your case, you might just be sensitive and empathetic, which is a good thing, cause' in this screwed up world we live in, a little empathy and sensitivity makes all the difference :D.

  • Because you're a girl and girls cry about stuff that doesn't really matter.


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