Do you think with age you just get way more laid back then what you use to be?

When I was a kid (about 12-14) I use to be really racist and hate black people (which I know was pathetic and idiotic, I know expressed this idiotic hatred)

I use to have a massive problem with guys getting with younger girls and now I don't even care at all

also use to hate people who drank alcohol and now I don't give a fuck ahah

this to me is obviously a good thing

but has this happened to you as your get older?


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  • As you age you get a bit more smarter, so yeah I think so.


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  • I still think its pathetic and honestly pretty fucking disturbing to see like 20 year old guys hitting on 15 year old girls, thats just fucking wrong.


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  • For me I became more uptight. Like I stress more about things than I used to. As a kid I cared about less and just focused on having fun. Now I just have reality in my head and how i'm not 100% independent and that makes me dead weight. So for me I'm realizing more and it's freaking me out and like I'm losing time everyday.


What Guys Said 1

  • Racist no but I was a loner as a kid I hated everybody.

    Im still not a big fan of older men getting with young girls. but its not my problem.

    As for alcoholic I used to always hate them but now Im one of them.