Do you enjoy my game?

Hey guys! So recently, I decided to take up coding in order to start producing my own apps and mobile games. I finished this game about a month or so ago, but I've found it difficult to get opinions from people who don't know me. The game is fairly similar to the old classic, Space Invaders, but with one or two twists added to make it my own. I'll be checking this question often for your comments/opinions on it, and any feedback you may have on improvements. The game is called Starship Blaster, and you can check it out here . It's for android only at the moment.

Here are some screenshots:

Do you enjoy my game?

Also as an aside, im also interested in hearing about some of the mobile games you guys are playing these days, and why you like playing them. What is it that keeps you coming back? Anyways, i look forward to hearing from you guys.


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