Guys, Be honest :) ?

Is a girl more desirable if she has been in a relationship before than if she had never been in a relationship?

Also if your guy mates constantly talk about how how a girl is in front of you do you start to find her more desirable?


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  • 1. YES and NO
    Really depends on your perspectiv and what you're looking for. There are pros to being someone's first, and there are pros to being with someone who has experience, just as there are cons to either.

    2. Depends on the guy, maybe. Personally, I don't think it would affect my view of her much.

    • Do you mean sexually? Or relationship wise? Because I've had sex but not a relo

    • I was speaking in terms of relationship, not sex.


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  • A girl is "desirable" when she's really in love 💕

  • She's "desirable" if she's hot

    • But have there been cases where you've started to find a girl more hot because your guy friends keep pointing out her assets?

    • Nope. Never, I can tell if she's hot in three secs

  • Well too many realtionships just say more then 5 then it's i would be catious, none at all? Doesn't matter at all.

    • Ahh I never thought about too many relationships. Because I've never been in a relationship I get paranoid that guys may be turned off because there must be something wrong with me

    • Hmm, not all guys think girls who have been with a lot of partners think their sluts, well not me anyways, but as with everything catuion is necessary, i'll hate to get hurt again. And someone who's been in a lot of relationships personally, I'd stay away from.