How do you motivate yourself during tough times?

I have three goals in my life right now. But I have such a long way until I get there. I will have to wait a few more years to reach it, but I want those things so bad!
I'm having some trouble now, and that's why I have to wait.

So, my question is how do you motivate yourself to reach your goals knowing that things aren't being easy for you and that you will have to wait years to make it?


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  • Focus on the next step to getting to each goal instead of the end goals themselves. Each small step will seem doable by comparison, and you'll be motivated by accomplishment as you complete each step and get closer.

    • Never thought about that, but it seems good to me. Thanks.

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  • I remind myself of why I want to be motivated and no one is going to motivate me except for me.


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