Should I change my name?

One of my enemies has been personating me online for 11 years and they used to call me from "fake" phone numbers until I changed my phone number. Within a week of changing my phone number, they started impersonating people I knew who were supposedly upset that they could not reach me. The only issue I have with changing my name is that my REAL name is in my university mailling address and when I graduate from university, my real name will probably be on my university diploma.


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  • Talk to the Dean at the University and talk to an attorney. I think there is probably a way for your new name to be on your diploma.

    But here's the larger issue. This bimbo who is doing this will probably find your new identity and take great joy in the inconvenience they caused you. And they'll do the same thing with your new identity. It's better to just IGNORE>


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  • sounds like you need to press charges. impersonating someone is illegal

  • In Belgium it is possible - at some expense and with a good reason - to permanently change your name. You can than decide for yourself whom you'll tell and whom not :D


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