I will be taking my driving test very soon and am very anxious any tips?

my test is not scheduled yet but i am very close to being able to take the test the only problem is, is my anxiety. Like the other day i was with my mom driving along perfectly fine and the next i am being tailgated. The only problem was, it was like the big truck that was tailgating me wanted to hit me like they were obviously psycho or were drunk at 9 in the morning. I froze up and could not drive very well until i got home and my mom did not notice some guy was tailgating me so she had no idea why i was so nervous of all a sudden. I am going to expect the worst and dont want some asshole tailgating to make me freeze up and make me fail my test. But today i practiced parallel parking in my backyard and parallel parked perfectly three times in a row. So i know i can do this.

i plan on doing yoga the night before and morning of my test, drink plenty of stress relieving tea, get plenty of sleep, eat plenty of food to combat my hypoglycemia, and talking to my mom who is a shrink about how i feel about the test. Do you have any tips to combat testing anxiety?

dont make any sexual related answers it makes it really awkward.


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  • nope, I was nervous too but I kept my cool and passed my test when it was storming outside and barely had practice

    you're just gunna have to keep it together for those 10-15 minutes


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  • keep in mind you can do it.


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  • Relax and breath. You'll do fine as long as you tell yourself your confinent

  • Smoke a big fatty before hand !

    • yes because taking a test high is a great idea! Lets not only get my permit revoked but not be able to show my face at the DMV because thats illegal for everyone even if you have a full license. And i dont plan to smoke in my life. Ever.

    • Pffft. What ever.

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