What would be the best thing to do?

I was laid off from my job 2 weeks ago. I have had 2 interviews plus 2 more coming up this week. Today, my stepmother who works at walmart gets mad because I bought a bag of m&ms plus other food the past couple weeks. They say they work and feed me I shouldn't be buying food for myself like that. I also put gas in the car, get cat food for my cat, etc.. As far as i'm concerned that money I made is my buisness not theirs. Now she gives me a ultimatum to either find a job or leave. I've tried can they not see that, or do you think they just want an excuse for me to finally leave? Should I just leave or keep looking hoping I find something before i'm booted out.

Should I maybe try to mediate to come up with a resolution or just go ahead and prepare to leave
@Paris13 @questionman what do you think


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  • Wow, I'm sorry you have to deal with that situation. That's rough.

    One, congratulations on having interviews lined up so quickly! Good luck to you! Two, go to these interviews. Hopefully, something good will come from one of those. Keep chuggin' along. I know it's not easy to live where you are, but it'd probably be harder on your wallet and bank account if you moved out.

    • True, but i feel like they are singling. Me out over the other 3 because i wasn't raised by them. But my brother can buy a $60 xbox game and noone says shit to him

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    • welcome. I don't want to leave but I dont want to cause any more drama either

    • I know. I understand that. I'm just assuming (not in a bad way either) that you don't have much saved up to live on your own. I know I didn't with my part-time jobs. I don't want you to struggle to make ends meet and still worrying about finding a position somewhere.

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  • I suppose it would be better for you to leave. I mean... you don't have to stay with them, and bear these insults. You are a talented and capable chap (from your questions and myTakes, as I can see), so getting another job shouldn't be too hard for you. Still, just stay away from people who don't value you.

    • I take my siblings to work every time they have to go and I get nothing or no thanks for it.

    • See what I mean? You don't have to put up with this crap, dude! Go on, make your own life! The same people who insulted you, will soon eat their words! :)

    • Thanks for MHO! 😊

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  • Hi, @smahala1991 I am so sorry for I know that the time I wrote to you with asking for my opinion, that you were laid off. And I had thought that maybe something may have come up or else you had coals in the fire.
    It's not so easy Living under a roof, especially with a Stepmom who treats you like a step child all the while. Now that You are not contributing, she probably feels that any money of your own that you still possess is 9/10 of hers.
    She is being unfair in Not allowing someone who is supposedly a family member to go out and get a chance to find work. She is not stupid, she knows what our economy is all about right now, and I would have to agree she is a Fair weather mother who if you are Not Giving, you do Not Belong... Living under her jurisdiction.
    It's your own business to spend what you want but she figures if she is now putting bread on your table, she will want a cut in it and to Know about it.
    Try and talk to her and dad and find out if there can be some compromise and if Not, start making some long term plans, along with your goals, that I feel you will Succeed in Any job you Take or any decision you Make.
    Good luck. xx

    • I pretty much think she knows how bad the economy is here. I'm thinking about moving on.

    • I believe then with that being said, put it to bed, shut the lion's mouth and time to Head... South. xx

  • Sounds like your stepmom is fun to deal with. You're obviously trying to find another job and there are things you obviously need to buy, so what if you get a pack of m&m's? They're like $1... I guess all you can really do is continue to apply, call places you've applied, and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe try talking to your stepmom and ask if you can have like a month and a half (or whatever amount of time you think would be acceptable and you think you'll find one by then) to find a job and if you haven't found one at that point then you'll go.

    • I don't think that'll work

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    • then again I'm kind of afraid of talking to them about things. because I'm afraid if I say something wrong they're going to kick me out anyway

    • Have they done something like that before? (And my apologies, I could have sworn I answered!)

  • I know how much it can suck to be in a place you don't want to be.

    However, it would be best to throw her to the back of your mind and really focus on finding a job and saving money.


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  • I'd leave and learn to spend your money more wisely when you don't have any way of earning more. Plus, it's stressing out your parents if you aren't putting money into the household or REALLY making an effort to find work, just wasting money. The ultimatum is their best option.

  • If you live with them and don't pay bills. I can understand why they get upset with the way you spend your money.

    • I have no bills to pay only $30 for car insurance plus gas

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    • yes but they should at least tell me how much everything is then set an amount

    • That's probably it. They pay for your room and board and view your m&m's as frivolous spending, a sign that you aren't trying to save money. Believe it or not, most parents look forward to their adult children moving out. And can get frustrated when a child doesn't appear to be working towards independence.

  • The world of being a guy.
    I personally think you're not trying ENOUGH, in terms of finding a job.