What should I do about my friend?

I have been best friends with this girl from grade 7 now she is hanging out with people I don't know and doesn't make the effort to talk to me unless it's in one of the classes we have together. She is now starting to think she is better than me and also thinks she is better looking then I am. What should I do should I tell her to just leave me alone and that I want nothing to do with her? Or should I just leave it alone


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  • You are going through something all human beings either have went through or going to go through some time in their lives. I had friends who stopped being my friends for no good reason other than that they found other people. Don't worry about it, you will find other people who will treat you better and might become your life long friend!


What Guys Said 1

  • Even you said all this, I read you like her. I think you should do is to think why you even made an effort to ask question about her.