What/who made you smile today? What about something/someone that/who made you sad today?

For me, probably a message from a friend made me smile and also my parents
As for sad, got into a fight with my mom whilst shopping for clothes and also I keep thinking about my crush who got into a relationship, but luckily I haven't thought about it as much today as I did this past week.


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  • It's too early for me to tell about today. I'll talk about yesterday.

    I was pleased with my students' papers. That made me smile.

    I was unhappy that it took much longer than I anticipated to correct them, thus I was unable to join my old high school friend and her family at Disneyland. I suppose I can take some solace in the fact that I saved myself about $200 in not going. Still, it was a beautiful day yesterday and I would have enjoyed going.

    I am visiting my niece and nephew today. I anticipate many smiles.


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  • What made me smile today, is waking and seeing the sun. What made me sad is that most people don't even take the time to notice little beauty like this.


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  • Thoughts about my mom and our silly conversations made me smile today. My headache has made me sad, hah.

  • My brother made me smile.
    My situation made me sad.