Do you think one of the stand outs of the 21st century is the lack of positive role models in the public eye for young women?

Trashy types such as Paris Hilton, Kardashian, Miley Cyrus etc etc etc seem to be the stand outs whereas going back you had Audrey Hepburn, Maya Angelou, and the like


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  • Yes with the ones you see around. You don't really see that many good role models.

    I never had a role model growing up. For me I really liked dick van dyke. I didn't watch the dick van dyke show. I did watch diagnosis murder, chitty chitty bang bang. and Mary Poppins. I think the reason why I liked the guy. It's because he reminded me of how one of my grandpas are. As in they kind of look, sound, and act a likeAt least to me they do. Which they are both around the same age. So I think my type of funny is influenced by him.

    If anything I think this Japanese guy is the worlds greatest role model for most. :D That or bruce lee would be a good role model. Even though he's dead still. He was bullied as a kid and hated how it made him feel. So he worked his ass off becoming the best. Which he achieved. Plus he has some good quotes.


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  • Absolutely! And the role models for young men aren't much better either. The 21st century, in general, is badly fucked up. :(

    • Being a young Indian, I think Rahul Dravid is a brilliant role model :)

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    • My favourite cricketer is VVS laxman, and going back Bhaghat Chandresahkar- him overcoming Polio as a child to become one of the best spinners ever was inspiring. Such a gentleman as well :)

    • Yup! Although I couldn't really watch Chandrashekar play, I have watched videos of him and he was so damn good! Also, his residence is just just 3kms from where I stay! :)

  • the lack of positive role models for women is like a blip on my radar when it comes to developments in the 21st century tbh

  • Yup, most of the famous women now a days are not people I would want my sister, daughter or even a friend seeing as a role model, really are not the best folks to be looking up to, and people actually worth looking up to, for both genders are in short supply these days.