What is the best body spray or cologne?

So last year me and my friend were in the locker room and he pulls out his axe spray (it was the axe Apollo spray) I tell him "dude! Don't spray that in here! You will suffocate everyone in here!" And he says "no I won't. Watch I'm going to get so many compliments from girls when I walk out of this room" then he sprays it. He didn't put on too much spray, just the recommended amount to put on. Then he walks outside and a swarm of girls notice the smell. They then realize that it was coming from my friend and proceeded to sniff him until it was time for us to leave. I wanted to get the ace spray, but I knew that axe has a terrible reputation and if you put too much on you will smell bad. So instead I bought this cologne called gravity. This cologne smelled pretty good and I still use it today for dances and formal gatherings. Even though some adults said it smelled good, I had no girls in my peer group notice the smell. I want girls to notice my smell so is there any cologne or body spray that you guys recommend to me?


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  • Oh my gawsh, old spice, anything from old spice for guys gets me hooked!
    Axe is kinda strong but sMell good too:)


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  • Nautica has their scents in body spray form. The Nautica Classic is dope, and unique.