Why do people have a hard time giving me eye contact and get nervous? Why do guys have trouble with eye contact? Does that mean they don't like me?

I don't know what it is but I notice a lot of people only give me a little eye contact and are still nice but guys are always really nice but sometimes girls don't seem to be. I only have a hard time giving eye contact if I'm nervous and think the other person is really attractive. I don't know its weird but that is just me. I just wanna know why other people might have trouble with eye contact. Any opinions would be awesome!!


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  • I hate eye contact because I'm a bit shy, it doesn't mean I don't like people when I don't look them in the eyes.


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  • I have no problem with eye contact. Practicing Naginata probably helps with that; it's considered direspectful to your practise partner if you don't maintain eye contact throughout the movements.

  • if they dont give you an eye contact that means they not interested in you but if a guy is interested in you he will keep looking at you

    • Even if he is shy? He looks at me from a distance though

    • if he is shy and you are looking at him he won't look back because he is shy but he might peaked looking at you

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