Who are you proud of toady, if anyone?

I am proud of my brother for losing weight. And I am proud of myself for finishing my essay. This is it for today.

Today* 😑


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  • i'm proud of myself because i've recently decided i'm going to join the royal navy, and i'm finally taking some control over my life. But as always, i'm extremely proud of my brother (amazing artist), my sister (she's grown up and has become a brilliant woman, she used to be really lazy) and my other sister (she's just graduated).

    • Congrats on figuring out what you want to do. This is only the beginning though.

    • thanks very much, i've started training already, obviously it's difficult. and congratulations to you for finishing your essay, and to your brother too, it's good to be proud :3

    • Good luck and thanks 😄

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  • I'm proud of myself for dealing with the brief insecurities I had and not annoying the person who was unintentionally bringing forth those insecurities in me by going to them with the problem.

    • If they are doing it unintentionally, I would let them know how it is affecting you. I know I probably said something to people and hurt their feelings by accident. I'd want to know if I did and it wouldn't make me upset, only help me be a better friend.

    • I know first hand they'd prefer it if I didn't, lol. Intentions of me trying to make it known would just get misconstrued as something else entirely when, really, it was just me feeling neglected / rejected as a friend. But they'd read it differently and things would just be worse off.

      Regardless, I don't feel that way anymore so it's settled itself. :)

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  • I hope this answer still qualifies, '45.
    Both of my Parents are deceased. I make long visits to their grave on the anniversaries of demarcations in their lives. Birthdays, wedding, death, etc.
    I take however much time needed, to leave the present behind. On each occasion, a memory I have long forgotten... pops back into my Cognition.
    I have no idea from what Cob-webbed, dusty & inactive corner of my mind they come from, but evidently, I possess many of those.
    These renewed views of a distant past are absolutely Magic! It has to be the closest thing yet... to Time Travel.
    Two factors influence how I feel now about my Mom and Dad now. First, the greater perspective I have of Human Nature. The day to day observance of the variances in individuals characters and interactions, gives me the expanding reference to gauge myself within. Second, with every reminiscing, brand new or of an established weave in my Life's security blanket, I realize even more of how Damn-Lucky I was to have those very two individuals as the folks that raised me.
    The intelligence they applied to encouraging healthy behavior, attitudes and especially my tremendous curiosity about the World, blows me a-phreaking-way! When I was a little kid, just as all little kids are at some time, I was convinced they didn't have a phreaking clue about a phreaking thing.
    I am so em-phreaking-barrassed about that now!
    Any and every thought of my Mother and Father, no matter how brief , or incapacitating from the grief in how much I miss them... adds to the ever-increasing Pride I have for them. A pride I am so... so sorry... I can no longer express with the simplicity of hugging them... just one more time.

    • Wow, that was well written, phreaking amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience about your Mom and Dad. It made me tear up and smile at the same time.

    • Thank you AnOrdinaryGirl45!
      Same here, with a heavier lean towards the tears part. (Still drying em')
      Your question was an opportunity to have another visit with my folks.
      I appreciate unexpected reasons for doing so.
      Your question is of a poignancy it would be great to see more of here at GAG.
      Your a good soul for raising it.

      by the way, Ordinary? I'm not seein' it. Am I missing something?

    • Thank you, lol. Yes I am ordinary but special to some people. :)

  • Surviving two mechanics is lectures and one calculs and trigonometry and two physics lectures 😂😂😂

  • I subbed a 7th grade English class for two days (today was day number 2).

    Literally almost all of the students really liked me, and wrote very flattering messages about me on the whiteboard for their teacher to see when she returns. They want me to sub every time that teacher has to go somewhere!

    Definitely made me feel good, to know that my first ever middle school class was responsive to me and didn't give me much behavioral trouble. :)

  • Who're you calling 'toady'? :-)

  • Going to the gym everyday for 1 month and half... Guess im abit proud of myself

    • That is definetly something to celebrate!

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    • Oh I meant celebrate with something non food related.

    • Well I do celebrate with mary jane every weekend lol

  • I think Toady was mainly proud of himself, it was kind of his defining characteristic.



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