I calculated that i'll be in minus after paying all my bills, im so stressed out, what do I do?

so im kinda fucked...

Im a student and i get support from the gouvernment every month.. But things are very expensive here and i eat a lot so i got a jobb on the side. But i only work one weekend a month and i have to work before the 15th every month to get it the that same month.

Im terrible at managing money and i have at tendency to use my creditcard way more then i should. . So every month i have to pay back on that in additiom to paying my phone bill, internet, electriicity and rent. So after getting all my suppoert from the gouventment i barely have anything left, so i end up uing my credit card again, so its an evil circle basically.

I haven't worked yet, so unless i work this weekend i won't get payed beofre late desemeber.. I just got a huge phone bill, like i said i haven't worked, i have to pay all the usual stuff.. and i just caluclated that i will be in minus after paying everything i should pay.

im going to call work and say i want to work, but still.. i can't belive im in this mess to beginn with.. and its really hard for me not use a lot og money on food because i work out so much.. I dont know what to do, im so stressed out.. i mean i have several exams comming up too.

What do i do? i can't ask my parents for help,...


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  • i mean in terms of your current situation you just need to work and cut back on some expenses so you can pay your bills

    I'd suggest significantly cutting back on using the credit card wherever possible. that's an easy way to get yourself in a bind particularly if you aren't great at managing your money


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  • Well for starters, cut that credit card up or at the very least send it to your mom or something so you can onkly use it in an absolute emergency.

    Do you plan your meals and then do a shop? If not then start doing it. If you work out a lot then you will kind of know what you need to be eating, but making a weekly meal plan and then shopping only for that stuff will save you a lot.

    Ok, so this phone bill - what's going on, why is it so much? Do you have a mobile and a landline? Do you need both? You can get mobile broadband now so that excess charge of line rental and internet might be able to be cut down.

    Are you in default with anything at the moment? If you are in arrears don't ignore it - contact them, tell them you have financial issues. Ask them to freeze the account and set up a payment plan that you can afford, not one that you will struggle to meet but one you can comfortably make. There will be ways you can cut down costs, you need to look at everything and make a plan of action that you can stick to.


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  • It's really pretty simple, you are going to have to make sacrifices.

    Either in the way you make money or the way you use your time so you can make more money.

    • god... i can't seem to do anything right :(

    • Don't worry, you'll be fine. Make a commitment to do what you already know you have to and you'll be ok.

  • Reduce expenses or increase income. I'd get a part time job of 15 to 20 hours a week instead of one weekend a month. Other than that get less expensive food, or a roommate.

  • Sit down on some paper... and write u r income minus your need expenses.. electricity , rent, internet and phone. What ever you have left is your food/gas budget... apply for food stamps.

    • i have done it, expect on my phone.. this month i literally will be about 11 dollars in minus. So i won't have anything left... and we dont do food stamps here. i wish me did though..

    • well that 11 dollars has to come from your food/gas from next month.

    • or this month if you haven't blown through the full income (if u get a lump sum).. if its a paycheck adjust for 11 dollars from something.

  • Blame other people and demand money.


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  • Few things are more stressful than money problems. You'll get through this. In the meantime, life is probably gonna suck for a while. Work more, spend less. When you buy food, buy stuff that's high in protein and that's cost efficient (something that'll last a while). A pound of chicken goes a long way. Hot dogs aren't the healthiest, but they're only around $2 for 10 weiners. Maybe cut back on working out until you get past this mess.

    Are you sure you can't ask your parents for help? It wasn't easy, but I did it. It took a LOT of pride, but in the end they told me "we'd rather you ask for help than go into debt."

    • That one time I asked for money my Mother keept reminding me about it. . Even though my father was the one that lent me the money. ..

    • Gee that's annoying. Well, I can see why you wouldn't want to go through that again, but I would still keep it as a last resort.