Is it bad that I have a lisp?

My mother always bugs me about it. She even paid for lessons, but they are a bit pricey. Everyone notice but no one makes any comments, just on several occasions, I have been laughed that I talk this way. It just brings my confidence a bit down whenever a guy points it out. Like gee, thanks for telling me for a problem I have been struggling with for 4 years.

I have had a lisp for my whole life, but my mom started pointing it out 4 years ago.

And I have never been told it's cute.


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  • No it's not bad, and if people are mean about it just ignore them. It is something that is out of your control, and should not feel bad or worry about it. To most people it won't matter to them, and that's what you should be thinking as well, that it doesn't matter.

    • Thank you! That does make me feel better!

    • No problem, you shouldn't let it get you down. And if people are mean just ignore them as they clearly are horrible people. And thanks for MHO :)


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  • I think they're cute.
    when there point their finger at you there is always three point back at them

  • Are you hot?


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  • Why have you only had it four years?

    • I've had it my whole life, but my mom started bugging me about it then. I didn't think it was such a problem, but when some people point it out as if it's funny that can't speak "correctly", I start getting self-conscious.

    • How old are you? Most people do grow out of them in my experience.

    • 17. And I do hope so!

  • I think that you just need to embrace a part of it but don give up on it either. I've lived with a stutter for 18 years and I've just taken it as a part of me now. It makes me different but you'll never have to ask me to repeat myself. Lol. Plus lisps are cute!