Should I approach him again and make small talk?

Okay so this may seem a little weird I think. In high school there is a senior week. All the seniors dress up according to the theme of the day. I had seen this cute senior. I was telling my friend that I wanted to take a picture with him. But I was extremely nervous , even though I didn't even know this guy. So I just gave up for a bit. But then I sort of stepped out of my comfort zone and came up to him and I asked him if we can take a picture. He was smiling and said yes. Then some days passed and I just felt like I wanted to take another picture with him. So I did... and it was amazing. I kind of did this so he can kind of get the hint that I want to talk to him. But I don't know if this was creepy or something. I feel like approaching him again but this time making small talk... I don't know if this is a good idea. Advice please , thank you.

Forgot to mention that I'm a junior... So I'm one year younger than him


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  • I'd say go for it. The worst he can do is say no, and either way you won't have to worry about whether you're being creepy. For the record though, I don't think this is creepy, I think it's cute. :)


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  • You've already interacted with him before, so now you have a reason to approach him. Don't build it up in your mind, just start a conversation, and if he's interested he'll talk to you no matter the subject.


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