What's the process for getting into the navy? And where would I, the girlfriend, fit in?

My boyfriend wants to join the navy. He's graduated, he's spoken to a recruiter, and he does PT training often. I'm still confused about the process, and when I'll be able to see him or not.

So I think the first step would be boot camp, right? But then what happens next? I heard that after bootcamp, he'll be sent to a school. Is this true?

I know that I can't live with him while he's in bootcamp, but while he's in his school we can live together, correct?

Then what happens after school? Will he get sent away to war? I'm so confused.

Overall, what is the actual process of my boyfriend getting in, and how often will I be able to see him before he is officially sent off for his active duty years?

We're not married (I'm 17) but he's brought marriage up. And I know that if we were to marry, there would be some benefits. What would those benefits be? PLEASE HELP


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  • 1) I don't have all of the answers but your boyfriend should or need to learn. Your future together is something that should be discussed and something that he needs to consider if he really wants both the Navy and you. Joining the Armed Forces is a two person commitment. Military spouses are a part of the military as much as the ones that are serving, 2 part commitment and it is very possible that it will be harder on you than him. It is the couples that know this that make it through long separations and its the ones who don't understand that, that don't make it. Talk to him about it.


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  • From what my brother did... he was emancipated. and then put into bootcamp for three months.. and then placed on a boat for 8 months.

    • 3 months straight?

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    • Oh right, I thought you meant 8 years. Lol so he'll go to bootcamp for 3 months, then go straight to sea for 8 months?

    • he will probably have a short break in-between.. but, sometimes there are stationed put out to sea.

      That's also something else... they are stationed in different states, or different countries. You would be in a long distance relationship with that