Could putting a (1) before a number make it invalid?

So I asked this girl out at my college and she gave me her number. I was kinda nervous so i tried to do it quickly and just entered it into my dial pad. I read it back to her and she said it was right. I text her right away letting her know it was me. about 5 hours I try to start up a conversation. 4 hours later, still no reply. I looked at the phone number and realized there is a 1 before the 817 number. Could it be that I never actually called her? I would just take the 1 off and try again, but I dont want to text that many times in a row if she really did get the text..

I won't see her again for about a week, so I'd hate to leave her hanging if that is the case.


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  • No, 1 just means it's in the U. S. It doesn't affect it.
    Sometimes girls can take like a day to reply and act completely normal about it. You see, their pockets usually can't fit a phone, so when they aren't at school or work, they leave it sitting somewhere sometimes.

    That's what I assume. Can any girls confirm?


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  • Putting a 1 before the area code does not make the number invalid

  • A cell phone will connect wit or without the 1