Women are usually more confident then men and this is why. Agree?

I think so. Women can get dates without risking a blow to their confidence. I hear plenty of women (just on here though for some strange reason) say women do approach guys, but I have yet to see in my lifetime or hear of that actually in real life, but for some reason only on the internet , its a common thing. Women never having to risk their confidence to get a date keeps their confidence unscathed for the most part. And they never have to deal with the burden of investing some kind of feelings unless they are dating or in a committed relationship. And I'm not talking about feelings like "I'm in love already" but feelings like "Man I'd like to get to know her she seems like a good catch." Sure guys can wait to get approached by a woman, but guys know 99.9% of the time if they wait for women to approach them, he won't get a date 99.9% of the time.


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  • I don't think it true.


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  • Women will do a variety of things to get your attention if she wants to talk to you. The problem is their tactics can be TOO subtle for a guy to notice sometimes.

    Some girls will ask you a question - it could be for your assistance (damsel in distress.) Bump in into you. She might come straight out and let you know she thinks you're hot. Stare. Darting glances. Stand near you with open BL - or pretend like like she's waiting for someon, or twittle with her phone.

    There are plenty and every girl is different.


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  • Confidence is an individual trait, gender is irrelevant.