Should I trust my gut? I feel like he is the one. I've never felt this way before, should I trust it Do you think we just know when we've met the one?


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  • ... do you know anything else about him?

    • Yes lol

    • Then sure go with your gut... worst case you get your heart ripped out... if you wanna talk more about it shoot me a message

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I believe with all my heart and soul that my boyfriend is the one I'm meant for. I first met him on fb. We were total strangers. I don't remember what page we met on, all Ik is I felt that he had a huge importance in my life and I NEEDED to be in contact with him. We hit it off very well as friends, then best friends to brother and sister. But we both felt like we needed to be something more, so we became a couple on March 6,2015. I love him so very much, and despite how much we love each other, we still have our arguments and ups and downs. He became my first everything when he came down to see me. We're long distance, but me and my mom have an instinct that I finally found my mate.