What can I do legally about a stalker that has not been physical?

Is there anything that you can legally do about someone harassing you constantly by phone and fake Facebook profiles? Probably sounds funny but it's been happening to me for about a year and a half now and it's bizarre. I've blocked his number and personal Facebook account but still get tons of random texts and messages from fake accounts that I know are him. I've never met this person in real life nor do I now how he found my Facebook account almost 2 years ago. He doesn't even live in the same state and we had absolutely no mutual friends. He got my number off of my Facebook at that time when I didn't know it wasn't privately set. I don't want to embarrass myself calling or talking to the police if there's nothing I can do. Anyone?


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  • Well a restraining order is free, but that's a decision you would have to make. he is harassing you, and what you should do is keep all proof. Every email or message he sends, save it. If you don't know who it is, there are several ways to find out. If he sent you an email with his email address, you can use a website like spokeo. com and put in his email address and it will tell you every website that email address is attached to and you can get there first and last name. If you know that persons first and last name you can go to 411. com and search for them by their name, and it will categorize them by state. Once you find him, then you know exactly who is harassing you, so when you go to the police, not only do you have evidence of their harassment (and cyber bullying), you also have all of their information as well, which will speed up the process for the police. I had a stalker before too lol. (ex girlfriend) and this is how I got it to stop. the police went to her address that I provided and talked to her and her parents. Never heard from her again. Hope this helps


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  • A year and a half? I'd go to the police about it and see what can be done; you won't look stupid. This sounds like harassment to me.


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  • not react not saying ONE word to that person. He/She will realize it's a waste of time

    block, delete all. Not one word to the stalker, k?

  • Call the police and ask them for help, possibly the local cyber crime unit.


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  • Make a report about it so then (hopefully wouldn't happen) when he makes any physical contact with you the cops can take him in.