How do you like your potatoes?

How do you like your potatoes?

  • Mashed!
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  • Hash Browns!
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  • French Fries!
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  • Tator Tots!
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  • Scalloped!
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  • Baked!
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  • I can't decide!
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  • I can't decide on one; can't I have it all in one? We can make an Epic Meal Time version of potatoes. Have a baked potato; scoop out the inner potato leaving the skin shell. Then take the scooped potato mash them, adding chives and green onion and butter and some garlic salt or just some garlic. Mash that together then mix in tater tots. Put that back in the skin shell. Then put a layer of hash brown. Now comes the fun part; load that potato up! Add cheese and bacon! Melt the cheese, and add some sour cream and more chives and stick some french fries vertically on the potato.


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