Mizzou protesters upset that Paris is taking the spotlight away from them. What is wrong with people?

I can't believe that the Mizzou protesters, that were in the news all week are upset that the terror attacks in France are stealing their media attention. Really? Could they be any more callous?



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  • Wow. All I can say is wow...

    That shows that maybe the Mizzou campaign shouldn't be taken as seriously... Just a thought


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  • What's funny is that I knew something like this would happen. I just knew there'd be another news story that came up and made these spoiled little brats cry foul that the new story was stealing their thunder. These people are pathologically selfish,

    What's amazing to me--and what's been unreported in the mainstream media so far--is that the guy who started this whole protest with the hunger strike comes from a family of extreme wealth. His father is an executive with Union Pacific who made about $7,000,000 in compensation last year. And yet, this kid complains of 'white privilege'? Unreal. It's all so unreal that you couldn't make it up.


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  • It's easy to understand because it all falls under the umbrella of ENTITLEMENT.

  • They dont get how media works. If they want spotlight they can seek it elsewhere, if they actually want to fix a problem that relates to their plight they'll stfu and off some sympathy and support

    • I think they will get media attention again.. but not the kind they were hoping for.

  • It's humans being insensitive (as usual). Both terrorist atrocities deserves the same level of media coverage and both incidents should lead to a united global resolution in dealing with the ISIS threat.

    • I was talking about the Beirut terrorist attacks.