Another Christian today told me that the old testament is irrelevant but the new testmanent is not. Is that true?

I swear some christians make me embarrased to call myself christian. Somewhere in the old testament it says that slavery is OK and women have to marry their rapist but he said those laws are irrelevant because again they are in the old testament. But what it (the bible) says about gay marriage is totally relevant because its stated in the new testament. It sounds like to me he is picking and choosing what he wants to believes in. I have been a Christian for a long time and have never heard this.


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  • The old testament and new testament are equally valid, but there is a need for understanding that parts of the OT are a documentation of Israeli law and history (as a nation) while other parts of it are commandments from God. So the business about the rapist is more of a "you break it, you buy it" policy on the part of the Israeli central government than what God wants.

    Regarding gay marriage there are many beliefs about that. I believe that it does not exist per se beyond that we can legislate it to exist but God does not follow American law (that comes to some as a surprise?). Anyway, all that aside, Jesus overturned the stoning of the woman caught in adultery saying "He who is without sin, cast the first stone", which was acceptable to Jewish law. Why did he overturn Jewish law? I think that on some level He knew this was not the way things should be and be done, even if it meets with his disapproval he knows that we are not wise enough to cast sentence upon sins in our current sinful state.


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  • Jesus said in the new testament that the old laws are no longer valid. Normal human beings read books in chronological order. Why people think the Bible is somehow different is strange. Also a lot of the rules that are mentioned in the Old Testament was meant for a specific Church or region. Placing things into context is a great skill to apply when reading the Bible too. With that said, having knowledge of the Old Testament is still important. It provides background and insight on things that follow in the New Testament.

    • oh i understand. the private school i went to as a child taught me that taught me the christian faith always felt both parts were relevant.


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  • It's not that the OT is irrelevant. But since the time of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection we no longer need to adhere to OT law to be considered righteous. . . . we're now free to accept his sacrificial death on the cross as full payment for our unrighteousness to be acceptable to God. When a person accepts Christ as savior they often become overwhelmed with gratitude and begin the impossible task of striving to live a holy life. Basically it's about loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

    Gay or straight we all struggle with sin and often enough we fail.

  • In the New Testament Jesus says to love one another no matter what. I do believe both testaments are still relevant but the old only to a point, I still believe in the 10 commandments, But the New Testament is more valid since Jesus' crucifixion. Jesus said also to not judge others for their sins or other beliefs, so the teachings of Jesus are more relevant than anything


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  • I'm not sure what my opinion is on the Old Testament and the New Testament laws... but I remember hearing one of my teachers saying that times have somewhat changed so some of the laws in the Bible aren't necessarily up to date, but remember that in many parts of Bible God tries to tell everyone that you should accept people for who they are even if they go against your values or are your enemy.

    • That's like a fundamental belief that I have. The bible is incredibly complex it will say one thing yet contradict it 20 pages later. The only belief the bible says that stays is treat people with kindness so that's what I do.

    • Exactly. XD and it kind of sounds like Ghandi and all, but in almost all religions it says to be good to all people, so I mean why not be good to people?

  • LOL people who say that have no idea what's going on in the scripture and why those 'contradictions' are there.
    yeah heaps of people just decide to select the parts they enjoy and ditch the rest -.-

  • That's is like Jesus telling his dad," dad your shit is wacked".