How to handle 5 really active boys in one classroom?

They're just so Rowdy and noisy and gets distracted by literally anything. They distract themselves and don't pay attention at all. I often have to literally rip things out of one very naughty boy's Hand. Pencil, book, box of crayons, chair...

I tried getting them to play and run around first at the beginning of the class, hoping to tire them out. All that did was tire ME out while they still stayed hyperactive.

I'm at a loss. Someone give me some sound advice?


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  • Well those are kids! there is nothing much you can do. But you give them some interesting work they will certainly concentrate on the work. So i suggest you give them something like coloring or drawing.. find out what they like and make them do that.. promise you will give a toffee if they are quiet...

    • We do have coloring and drawing. But we also need to teach them vocabulary and that's what they never pay attention to. And they would do the other things wrong because they don't absorb anything

    • You have to integrate both! that's the only possible way to get their attention. I ll think of a way and let you know..

    • We do do both. But there's time where we would color and draw, and time where we learn New words. When color ing they're calm. But when they need to look at the Front of the class they lose it

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  • How old are they and do you have them all day or just a period or?

    • They're 4-5 years old. Can't believe i forgot to mention that. I have them for 1,5 hours

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    • I don't really want to throw him out. I have though, thought about a punishment where i would make him sit on the floor facing a wall for 2 minutes and he's not allowed to look back or move from that place or else the time doubles. I just don't know how to convey that to him.

    • You hold him and make him do the same!! he will understand


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  • I am not the same, but I know names who are the same!! So you should try to influence and wake up their interest and turn them in passion.. Also as a student, I would like to say that the students you're talking about are historic if you turn their interest in the right direction.. I know this and I have experienced this, but you also need to have a lot of patience ma'am... But maam if turned in wrong direction, I would be sorry to say that they WOULD be most dangerous people of and for the society!! Hope this helps and all the best!! PM me ma'am if any further assistance from my side is needed!!!

    • ? The hell are you talking about? And don't call me maam!!!

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    • Everyone else seems to understand it, so i seemed to have expressed the question well enough. Look here, i appreciate you trying to help. But let's just drop it...

    • Try to connect @TheDevilInside..!

  • Teach naked


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