Advice on FIrst Time Going To A Club?

hey, so I and a friend are hoping to go to some 18+ clubs for my 18th birthday in 3 weeks.
does anybody know of any good clubs in the new portland Oregon area?
what are some things I should know before going and what should I wear?


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  • Go and get tipsy and cavort about the place, that's what everyone else does. If you're just gonna go and hang out in the corner you wasted your money.

    • ahahhaha thanks for MHO!

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  • Go early to find a table to sit before the club gets full of people.

    • Actually you should be aware not to get wasted, not to leave the club at 7 in the morning, drink moderately, dance, chat and have a good time! Wear high heels but have a pair of flats in your bag if your feet get tired. Or just wear ankle boots like I do.

    • thank you :)

    • thanks for MHO!

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