What are some interesting questions children have asked you or someone else?

My cousin is 10 and he asked me this "How do I know if my dreams are actually real and when I am awake, I am actually dreaming?"

Not that interesting I guess but still cool.


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  • Haha it is not just children. I volunteer at a zoo and saw an adult woman on her phone, this woman would have been about 30 and she was pretty. Anyway she looked up and the elephant had its back to her and was pooping. She was like ewww! and then watched it doing its business, then when her kids came back to her she said to her little boy "You missed seeing the elephant going for a poo". I was like thinking LMFAO What did she just say! I am not joking this attractive woman really did this.

    • I don't think that woman was really that grossed out by it to be honest after her reaction after she said the word ewww! I felt like saying to her "Yup and you poop to!" but of course I did not say that.

  • Oh god knows, I'm a rugby coach and I coach kids from the age of about 5/6 to 9/10 and the stuff they come out with is ridiculous

  • Not that interesting? what o:


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