Why would you ever vote for Hilary Clinton?

First she's crazy; she believes in seances and thinks she can communicate with people like Elanor Roseveltt to get advice. Why would we want someone who "gets advice from the dead" to be deciding the fate of hunreds of millions?

Second, she's always switching her positions to whatever is politically convenient at the time; at first she didn't support gay marriage and she thought the Iraq war was a good idea, etc. Now she's switched sides. She always tries to align her positions with what the polls are saying and she's always one step behind Bernie sanders who supported gay rights and was against the first Iraq war decades before Hilary.

Hilary is also most likely to become a Bill Clinton puppet--Bill Clinton setup a precedent for one of the worst economic crises since the great depression due to loosening regulations on banks. Also, realistically, having hilary as a president is going to hurt foreign relations with male dominated countries or those which have a big patriarchy.

people also say she has lots of experience in foreign policy and yet most of her experience has been experience failing:

"lack of preparedness in Libya, misjudgment as to al-Qaeda’s strength, the absence of a coherent plan to address the Arab Spring, a faulty assessment of Bashar al-Assad (whom she labeled a “reformer”), deteriorating relations with Israel and an obsessive focus on settlements, and cluelessness that withdrawal of U. S. "
And much more obviously.

She also failed miserably with pushing her health care plan forward in 1993 with the assistance of bill clinton. Then she let sensitive information slip through with the whole email scandal. Hilary would be a president who doesn't make her own decisions but allows the biggest lobbyists, or Bill Clinton, to make them for her.

Is this complete failure really the person we want in office? I can't understand how people are voting for her; they must know absolutely nothing about her political record or about her numerous failures.


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  • I would vote for her if Bernie didn't get the dem nomination.

    • well yeah hilary > trump but that would be a horrible choice.

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    • On no, if Bernie doesn't win the primary, check out Jill stein. I will never vote for Hillary Shiton.

    • Ooh, I've heard of her but not much on her views. One of my close friends passed on Bernie for Jill Stein.

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  • I'm not, the one's who do are doing cause of her gender or last name or are just plain stupid enough to buy into cooperate media who's a big Hillary supporter. If Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination (which he will) I'll be voting for Jill Stein of the green party.


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  • I think she just needs to get laid. Fellas--who's gonna make a sacrifice for us all?

  • There are only 2 legitimate reasons why people want Hillary
    1. They don't want a Republican president
    2. They don't want Bernie's tax increases

  • When people complain about someone I just want to go vote for them anyway out of spite

    • that's retarded and small minded. Why would you vote based on the position of another person instead of making your own decision determined from objective reasoning?

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    • It's like the west borobaptist church nobody wants to hear negativity

    • So you think the world should just be happy and positive and full of rainbows and puppies all the time? Only really immature people can't deal with negativity. Life is a balance between good and bad things, so deal with it.

  • Because she isn't Trump or Bush, mostly...

    • Uh bernie sanders is second in the democratic polls. He should be getting the democratic vote since he has been consistent and predicted all the problems caused by the iraq war including ISIS and the huge mountain of debt that we now have. Its not either Hilary or the republicans.

    • The reason Bernie isn't is because the DNC and Cooperate Media has it rigged Hillary to win. TWC donated huge money to Killary, and they just happen to own CNN.

  • Cuz your a clam. no man will vote that broad into office

  • I would vote for her if a zombie Hitler clone were running against her.