Whats the difference betweeen war and battle?


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  • War is a series of battles.


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  • A war is parent to all battle's, any conflict of an opposition is a war, but in a more distinguished setiment, any conflict where the two oppositions are rooted and can achieve domination over the other, through a struggle aka a battle, is what's considered a war, a battle refers to the struggle itself between two opposing forces, but if the forces aren't rooted, as in they aren't static and do not continue to challenge each other outside of the battle, mean's that the battle is not founded in war.

    • So to clarify, a war is where two opposing forces face a struggle outside of a battle, and are prepared and or preparing to or are in a conflict with each other, a battle refers to the conflict itself, if the forces are not opposing each other outside of the conflict itself, they are not a war.

    • In basic terms, a war is a series of battle a conflict that lead's to battles. and a battle is a single point of conflict, where the forces are not opposed to each other, but are clashing.

      When two force's are at war they are attempting to dominate the other force, through conflicts.

      When two forces are in a battle and not a war, they are attempting to dominate the battle, but not the opposite force in general, they are not opposing the force and challenging it, they are conflicting it, in the immediate sense, to achieve a specific goal, not to eliminate the opposition.

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  • battle is an event in a war
    a war is the overall series of battles

  • A battle is a single confrontation between two oposing sides. A war is a continuous series of multiple confrontations.

  • War is concerned with imposing your will on the enemy through the use or threat of force. Battle is concerned with destroying the enemy ability to fight back, generally at a particular and discreet time and place.

    The ideal war would have no battles.