Does he care , why does he stand for this?

Okay so I have been sleeping with him since January now and he has been chasing me altogether for about 4 years. I have a lot of mental issues including a personality disorder where I switch and turn nasty for no reason. Anyway we was only meant to be friends with benifits but he was always asking about other men. He use to ask me if I loved him and weird question what makes me like someone. He always was trying to make me jealous. He then asked me to go out with him on date but I didn't. He then turned up in club I was and saw me dancing with men and just left and text me saying he couldn't be bothered to watch me dance with other men. He came out miles to pick me up the other night early hours in morining never got in till 7 am. He then turned up at club I was again and I went mental infront of his friends and at him for following me but I really was nasty because I was having like a mental break down so I was swearing at him and everything in front of everyone for really nothing. And he has forgiven me and wants to see me. Is this more than sex?


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  • It is more than sex; it is madness too! ahah

    • I no haha , do you think he has feelings for me?

    • Definitely, whether it's the good kind of feelings of love and affection or the bad kind of feelings of mere sexual attraction and possessiveness remains to be seen.

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  • Seems to me like he's falling for you. You should discuss this with him and if you aren't interested in pursuing an actual relationship with him let him know flat out. It makes no sense to try and keep the friends with benefits relationship going when he's already falling for you, it'll only make it worse if you drag it out longer than you should.


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  • This looks like, he cares about you, he gets jealous a bit, so he likes you.


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