Anyone having a good day like me?

I was making my way to the gym, and I found a 20 bag of weed on the street lol. This is great because I was gunna go see a guy this weekend to buy some, and of course, I would have had to pay travel. Talk about luck. Not only this, but a number of girls gave me bright smiles as we saw one another, maybe its because my gym results are finally showing (since I've been going everyday for the last 2 months). I feel fucking great lol, anyone else?


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  • No not really.


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  • So... you're saying you're gonna smoke weed that some random guy threw on the street although you have no idea who it was or why he did it? Are you conscious of the fact that a lot of dealers punch their weed with all kinds of absolutely disgusting and sometimes outright dangerous stuff, from chicken's poop to glue, to other cheap drugs?

    • You clearly dont live life dangerously. Fun fact: there's a lot of "absolutely disgusting and sometimes outright dangerous stuff" in the foods you eat alone. Wake up lmao

    • Not where I live. 90% of the products I buy are organic and the regulations (for example in terms of how animals may be kept by farmers and what they are allowed to feed them etc.) are very strict. Luckily. There are fun risks. But there are also unnecessary risks...