What do you think is a more important quality in a leader?

Let's say you're the commander of an army, and your opponent is a well established bad guy so there's no ambiguity there. What trait would you prefer to have in spades over the other?
a) Compassion. A sense of humanity. You weigh the pros and cons of every tactic and consider only moves that make for minimum loss of life at the cost of conceding important key battles and ending the war sooner.
b) A willingness to make the kinds of decisions that, while logical and instrumental to ending the war in your favor, would result in a few casualties on your side.

  • compassion is key
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  • the ends justify the means
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  • you're only an elected official, you can't make decisions on your own
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  • Acting out of necessity is always going to be more important, but be aware of the lives of soldiers. Try to strike a balance. Don't pull from every battle, at some point you'll need to fight. But don't run good men into a meat grinder to end a war sooner either. I think there's an efficient way to do things.

    • I agree, efficiency is key and we should always try to avoid needless casualties. However, I think you'd have to consider the detriments of a lengthy campaign. To spare a few lives one time at the cost of dozens of lives over a stretch of time?

    • True, plus there's morale. A longer war drags down everyone's spirits, but throwing men at the enemy to end it faster also drags down morale. Things look bleak if your strategy seems like you're making lads jump into a wood chipper to clog enemy weapons with their meaty bits. Low morale can make thing even less efficient. Gotta balance that shit, bruv.

    • Thanks for MHO. :)

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  • "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country." -General George S Patton. Having minimal losses is not just about compassion, it's about longevity and saving resources. It takes time and resources to train people. Losing them frivolously is bad planning and not the path to winning.

  • Having a strong vision for the bigger picture, future forward thinking. Thinking outside the box and being loyal towards whatever you are leading, which needs to come first even when decisions are tuff to make. Everyone looks at the leader to make the difficult decisions, could be ethical, monetary, emotional, psychological etc.

  • It's them or me.

  • According to gag there is no alpha, so leadership and charisma doesn't exist apparently lol

  • A is exactly why wars will never ever end.

  • Having lots of cupcakes!

    • If only. Unfortunately, delicious baked treats won't win them over so do you choose a or b?

    • i chose A :P

      And my delicious baked treats will win them all!

    • Yes. Yes they will. Spam the enemy with cat videos and cupcakes.

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