What do y'all think of what happened in Paris tho?


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  • That this isn't going to end anytime soon...


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  • In order to defeat the people (?) that cause these atrocities, the UN will have to get it's act together and tear up the rule book. This issue will never be solved with a rule book in one hand.

    • i know right but all those countries who have been dropping bombs on em should watch out tho

    • Yes, indeed. You are correct.

  • I think if there were no muslims there and there wasn't such a stupid leftist idealist attitude carried by the politicians it wouldn't have happened and those poor people would still be alive today and their families wouldn't be grief stricken.

    • yeah but they ain't muslims. real muslims wouldn't do that the be saying they are and now people are gonna think bad about the muslims because of this dumb as group

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    • damn no all i can say is that those mf stupid ass terrorist have fucked this up for them other muslims

    • Those other muslims should be more ashamed than they are and more cooperative over dealing with the problem other than pointing the finger elsewhere, they fucked themselves.

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  • I think it is really sad and I am super pissed off about it because those were innocent people who were harmed.
    I also think it is a shame that people are pointing the blame at religion, Muslims in particular, when it's not about that. We need to blame the real source of the problem and that is terrorist.
    It's also really sad that this is happening all over the world practically everyday and just now are we behind to take note.
    I take it personally because my boyfriend is a soldier and I plan to join the Army I hate seeing evil people harm the innocent

    • i know right ! there are bad people in every relligion this is just one dumb ass group claming what they doing is right.

  • I. think it's really sad 😞💔