How can I get over this fear?

I'm usually not scared of anything. The only normal things in afraid of are sharks and some bugs and skeletons. But the one thing I'm terrified of are telephone poles and electric towers. I know it sounds stupid but they're so tall and they just look ugly to me. I can't even look at them. Its been my biggest fear since I was a kid. Nothing bad has ever happened to me with them I just don't like looking at them. When I was little at our old house we had poles that run power lines down through our yard and we had electric towers in our field. I just never liked them. When I was little I thought they were gonna fall on me because they were so tall. At out camp site we have these huge electric towers the power lines are higher than the ones on the telephone poles highest ones I ever seen. Even higher than normal ones. My grandma has a telephone pole sitting out in her yard I'm scared to go near it. My neighbor has electric towers out in her woods. We go out there on the four wheeler I'm scared to look up at it. I don't know why they scare me but they do. How can I get over it?


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  • I have to admit that is a very unusual phobia but nevertheless can be conquered the same way as any other.
    The first step is to try and figure out why you are afraid of them. It sounds like you have done that. Your afraid of them perhaps hurting you. Fear of being harmed by something is a common grounds for a phobia. Like people are not afraid of the dark so much as what is in the dark or thing that paper because of the dark.
    I would reccomend googling way to overcome a fear, there are many methods out there and you may need to try a few before you find one that really works. Good luck, I hope this helps. And if it's any consolation, I've never heard of anyone having an electrical pole fall on them. :)


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  • I think that's firmly in the realm of "see a therapist." There are techniques (that apparently work) for getting over these things, and therapists would know them. Them of a therapist as a really useful screwdriver for poking around in your own brain to change things. For the better.