So I just don't know what to do anymore?

I've just had a really bad life, (abuse, bad luck, neglect) I've taken care of myself since I was very young. Every relationship I've been in has ended badly, just recently things with me and a girl I dated for 8 months completely fell apart and I honestly don't know what happened. I left my job because they were working me for well over 40 hours a week but were refuses to pay me the full amount. I have a lot of dreams but they all take money, which I don't have any of. All the money I have goes to bills. The only family and friends I cared about have either passed away or moved away in the last 3 years... I could keep going... You get the picture everything is just wrong and it's been that way my whole life... How can I turn things around? How can I make things good?


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  • I wouldn't be super negative. Keep your spirits high even in the tough times, because it will get better. God has helped me and my family with many miracles. Maybe try to pray. Try to let Him into your heart :)


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  • So, there's no easy to solution to this at all and I'm sorry it has been so hard for you. I have gone through periods in my life where I have struggled as well.
    Something I do during these times is make a plan. I love planning out what I'm going to do and setting small goals for myself. Small goals are easy to reach and really motivate me to do more.
    So, your goals right now could be, look for a new job, moving on from your relationship, making friends. Just put yourself out there and keep hope alive because it's not over yet and things will turn around over time.


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  • the struggle is real... sorry to hear about all these trials in your life

    perhaps a chance of scenery may help to invigorate your spirit and put you in a place to make a fresh start. perhaps you can move to one of the up and coming cities that are really thriving with younger people (ex. chicago, nashville, pittsburgh) and sort of start anew

  • I'm just going to be upfront, but start creating a better version of yourself. Start exercising and eating healthy. Start prioritizing your life, write down the top 10 things you need to get done when you wake up, and then chose the top 5 of those 10, and make it a mission to get the task done.