Why don't black girls like filo fish sandwiches at McDonalds and how come they usually order a happy meal or chicken sandwich?

  • This would never happen in America we're so much better than the other he-thins bla bla bla bla bla
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  • That's hacist in Brazil
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  • Because fish is for old people, big macs for fat people, and chicken for blacks
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  • I know black people who eat fish sandwiches at McDonald's. Fuck McDonald's though. I don't even want a soda from them.


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  • Is it sad that I clearly know you're trolling but for some reason I'm actually kind of p*seed? 😒

    Like seriously out of all the rude, stereotypical, racist things/jokes people have said on here I just usually brush it off, laugh about it, or speak my mind but I'm actually at a loss for words for once and it's over a stupid McDonalds crack 😶

    • Lol so why are you mad? Its okay to make stereotypes as long as your in on it if you feel offended you can take a crack at me :) about Iraqis or whatever lol.

    • Lol no I'm fine.. It was just so well thought out even the poll options lmfao xD

    • Lol why thank you ;P

  • I don't like fish.

  • Bruh thats all my mom buys if she goes there
    I hate fish tbh unless its tuna fish

  • ... What the honest, genuine fuck?

  • Why does race matter in who eats Filet Fishes? I'm white and I don't eat them but I'll eat a chicken sandwich.

    • It was just trolling calm down XD lol its pretty obvious it was trolling if you just read the polls

    • Kind of a silly question to put up is it not? And no. I don't bother reading the polls. It's a waste of my time just like this question is

    • Yeah so are more than half the questions on here this isn't a site people should really take seriously.

  • Here is a better question why do people ask stupid questions? For example 👆🏽


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